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my hobbies英语作文带翻译

2023-09-06   来源:万能知识网

my hobbies英语作文带翻译(精选22篇)

在平平淡淡的日常中,许多人都写过作文吧,作文可分为小学作文、中学作文、大学作文(论文)。一篇什么样的作文才能称之为优秀作文呢?以下是小编收集整理的my hobbies英语作文带翻译,供大家参考借鉴,希望可以帮助到有需要的朋友。

my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇1

All of us have hobbies. And our hobbies are changing all the time. I used to listen to music. Because I thought it could make me relaxed and happy. But now I don"t enjoy it. I am interested in collecting stamps. These old stamps , some of them are of great value. I think it"s very interesting. Do you think so? What"s your hobby? Can you tell me?



my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇2

Everyone has hobbies.Hobbies are the important things in our life.I also have hobbies.Next,let me tell you.

Exercise is my one hobby.I love sport.The more exercise I do,The more healthier I have.After I have dinner,I often go for a walk with my sister on the streets,and when class is over,I usually play badminton with my friends.Sometimes I play ping-pong,too.So I think I live in a wonderful life.

Reading is my the other hobby.In weekends,I often read some novels.Such as《Jane Love》。《Zhao Hua Xi She》and so on.That can make me improve my Chinese.

This is my hobbies.If you have hobbies,you can exchange with me.





my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇3

I have many hobbies, such as reading, writing, singing, drawing, watching TV and doing exercise. I think hobbies can make my life colorful. And I can make friends easier, because we have common interests and we have many things to talk about. Besides, having some hobbies can bring knowledge to me. For example, reading is a good way to get knowledge. I can not learn all from class, so reading can bring me other knowledge. Singing and drawing are skills. They can help me to improve myself.


my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇4

No matter where you live, there is a period of time full of rain. Everything is not convenient in the rainy days, especially going out. Thus, if it is possible, many people will choose stay at home when it is raining outside. But how to kill this boring time is a question for many people, because most of them just sleep all day and night. Don’t you think that sleeping is boring and waste of time? Let me tell you some good ways to kill time in rainy days.


In the first place, reading is absolutely a good choice to kill time indoor. I think I don’t need to emphasize the importance of reading as everybody knows. Look back our daily life, how many people have time to read now and then? Why don’t we just catch this chance to kill time and enhance ourselves? Secondly, playing games with families or friends is beneficial. Most people would stay at home in the rainy days. At this time they can play games, such as, play cards and Truth Or Dare. Those games are interesting and helpful for their relationship with each other. Last but not least, it is a good chance for talking. In the usual time, maybe it is hard to find a chance to have a nice talk with your family, because everyone is so busy. Rainy day provides a chance for you. You can sit down and have a nice talk to learn each other better. You will feel time flies when you doing these.


my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇5

After school my biggest hobby is painting.

When I was a child, I love drawing, what big planes, ships, small house ah, I can draw. Beginning, I draw with tissue paper in books; After that, I began to learn. Gradually their own design, draw all kinds of lovely little animals. Until now, I can draw a difficult. Like books, people and tigers.

Want to say is the most interesting and draw the best small classmate. Holiday, they always like a bird chirping argued and let me give their portraits, so, I would like a little painter, edge clip about, make their: "posed, must be smiling! Or painted a snivelling you bad boy!" They believe, to play the part of the appearance of a smile, I will take the opportunity to put their innocent "smile" is "closed" into the picture. After they saw my painting, and danced for joy, I also can feel the fun of painting.

Until now, I just know, painting is an indispensable part of my life.





my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇6

My hobby is rich and colorful. I always read in the morning. I think reading is interesting. I can get a lot of knowledge from books. I like listening to English at noon. I think English is important and interesting. Sometimes I listen to popular music. Because music can relax myself. I often play basketball with my classmates after school. I think playing basketball is good for our health. It can get on with my friends. I like playing the piano very much. I practice playing the piano in the evening. Then I finish my homework. I am busy every day and I am very happy.


my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇7

I like badminton and basketball,basketball is my favourite sport,I like basketball best.

I always wear a T-shirt,shorts and runners to play basketball. I can throw the basketball in the net, I think it is easy, but someone think it is hard, I can catch the basketball,too. On Sundays,I am a bbasketball player.I like to watch basketball game on TV, Yao Ming is my favourite basketball player, I want to be a real basketball player someday.



my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇8

Everyone has their own hobbies, some people like running, because can increase the lung capacity; Some people like kicking shuttlecock, because can increase the balance. And my hobby is reading.

Some people say that I am bookworms because our class has a "love books Angle". Is called "love books Angle", because of the books here are all the books of his own household contribution out bit by bit. Is every day I take a book I am interested in, then their serious reading, joys and sorrows with the characters in the story. The topic of this story is the unfinished world "the content of the story is a stray dog can time travel, one day it went to a world of unfinished. He again to help the prince of this world with a have a wish. When I saw the end, it become someone else"s angel, is also a very subtle feeling, I seem to think that I am the only curiosity great stray dogs, and share the happiness together, share the sorrow.

Said I was a "nerd". Because once I see a lot of books, there are the wonderful universe the selective dissemination of children"s literature. Etc... I look straight ecstasy, not affected by the outside world, as if to enter the world of books. When I think of when you want to go to the English class today, I looked up table can"t help shouted: "ah, bad!" Class time five minutes, I haven"t had time to eat meal English class went to the rushed to the ground.

Until today, my hobby is reading, the book is like a kettle, readers like saplings, he used a kettle watering the tree of the fragrance of the individual will never wither!





my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇9

I am a 15-year-old student in junior Grade 3. Though I am occupied with my study, I would like to spend time on my hobbies, such as playing the piano, surfing the Internet.

One of my favorite hobbies is reading. Reading has been in my life for many years, since I began to learn characters. It can not only kill the time, but also, more important, help me improve my comprehension ability. When reading, I can learn a lot. Reading Shakespeare"s works, I know how Hamlet looks like. Reading Socrates, I can see how great ancient Greek philosophers are. Reading Lu Xun, I come back to the old time of China.



my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇10

there are a great many hobbies to choose from. some people enjoy collecting coins or stampes,ohers choose to spend their time on sports or music.

I have many hobbies,but playing basketball is my favorite one.

At weekends, we always build a team to play basketball against anoher one in our neighbourhood.

The competitions brought us so much fun.

I think playing basketball is a good way to build up one"s body and relax oneself.

But I will always remember that it"s unwise to spend too much time playing.




my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇11


I have many hobbies: swimming, rope skipping, Latin dancing One of my favorite is Latin dancing.


When I was in kindergarten, I began to touch it. That"s because the students danced beautifully, which attracted my attention and made me unable to move away for a long time. After that, I took part in the dance interest class, because the teacher thought I danced beautifully, so I became the monitor, I felt very happy.


So I like Latin dance best. I will insist and try to dance.

my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇12

Everyone has his or her hobbies. My hobby is collecting stamps. I collect all kinds of stamps, mostly Chinese stamps. I started collecting stamps when I was in my elementary school. I enjoy collecting stamps because I can learn many things from these stamps. I hope my stamp collection will grow slowly to include foreign stamps. I plan to have many pen pals and exchange letters with them, so I can collect more stamps from letters.



my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇13

I internet English that can give me a golden future.Because English is the most pupolar language in the world.These is no country in the world use English. Although English is no our mother language , but I learn hard in many ways.Some subjects are taught in English and some goods wrote in English. Nowdays, English is the more important.So I like it and learn it hard.


my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇14

I have a lot of hobbies. I like playing badminton, listening to music and playing the piano. They are fun. My sister likes playing the piano very much. But my parents don’t like this. I don"t like fishing or playing chess. My sister also does not like this. My sister and I have some same hobbies. What are your favourite hobbies? Can you tell me?


my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇15

Everyone has his or her own hobby.Today I am going to talk about my hobby.My hobby is swimming.I like it very much,although I don"t swim very well.And I go to swim with my friends every summer.My swimming coat is blue,because blue is my favourite color.I enjoy swimming in the sun,it"s really cool.

I hope I can learn to swim well this summer.



my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇16

On one occasion, my dad"s colleagues to take me to play in the karaoke, I saw them holding a microphone in the singing, feel very curious, so I also sing a few, feel very generous and feel singing is a very happy thing. Now I got home at noon every day, open a computer, began to practice song. Me sentence by sentence with computer to sing, sing better more and more to sing more happy. When I was in KTV, mother often said I"m out of tune, but I don"t give up, every time in music class, I follow the teacher seriously, concentration, and praised by the teacher several times! I believe as long as I work hard, will sing better.

I like singing



my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇17

I like reading. I think I’m not a sporty person, so in my spare time I spend much time reading. Reading newspapers, I can know the important events in the world. Reading work-related books, I can learn a lot of knowledge to benefit my career. Reading magazines, I can relax myself after stressful works. I often read in my study, on bus, in subway and so on. On the average, I spend three or four hours reading every day. Although the life in my spare time is not colorful enough, I enjoy it very much.


my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇18

Everyone has his or her hobbies. My hobby is collecting stamps. I collect all kinds of stamps, mostly Chinese stamps. I started collecting stamps when I was in my elementary school. I enjoy collecting stamps because I can learn many things from these stamps. I hope my stamp collection will grow slowly to include foreign stamps. I plan to have many pen pals and exchange letters with them, so I can collect more stamps from letters.


my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇19

I have many hobbies.In my spare time,I like listening to some pop music,especially the music played by some pop bands.It can make me relax and let me forget my unhappy moment. If I"m in good mood,I always read some history books,which I think is benefical to my study .Besides,surfing the Internet is another means of entertainment of mine.Through the Internet I can get some useful information and chat with my friends as well.The Internet has shortened our distance.


my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇20

My name is Qiou Ye. I am twelve.My favorite sport is ping-pong and swimming. I like basketbll and I like volletball. I can play the piano and draw, I can play them very well. This is Me.

Can you tell me about yourself ?



my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇21

Different people have different hobbies.For example,someone likes reading,someone likes swimming and someone likes collecting and so on.


I used to read books and draw pictures because by reading books I could learn many funny things.But now I don"t like it.I can only learn from books.I couldn"t get knowledge from others.I need a change.Traveling is my favorite hobby now.But I can"t go traveling a lot.I can visit many different places of interest by traveling.I can learn a lot about people,places and history.It"s very interesting.What is your hobby?Let"s share each other!I have many good friends.They all have their hobbies.


Ann studies very hard.So her hobby is book reading.Tony loves labour,and his hobby is gardening.He usually plants flowers and trees in his yard.Judy is a quiet girl.She likes knitting.She always knits some sweaters for her dolls.We have different hobbies,but we are good friends.Ann


I love traveling.I have great fun in traveling我爱旅行,我从旅行中获得了极大乐趣。

my hobbies英语作文带翻译 篇22

Everyone in the path of growth, must through all kinds of test. Some people own learning is not ideal, some bad for your skin and worry, and some to get parents understand and feel wronged... I think it should be growing pains.

"You how so careless, English written in capital letters lowercase letters; math is not decimal forgot to add, is the brain around it; the language too, shouldn"t always wrong... wrong since time, scores have been falling, straight down to 20 name!" Is the time, this kind of words are often in my mind.

I also want to increase the performance to once upon a time, but always can"t contentment. Is not the improvement to the subject, is a division of grades and beaten down. Who wouldn"t want to test a good result, but each person"s ability is different, also the effort by different, so the harvest "fruit" is also different. So I can only say: "do your best!"

As a student, I told myself not too bad; I told myself can"t let parents down; I told myself can"t let the teacher lose faith in yourself... So, my worries are growing.

But think carefully, if falling grades so easily becomes good, so don"t lose its senseSo think about it, there is less worry a lot. But don"t strive for it, it won"t come. So, still want to care my shadow, always follow me, this should be most students face troubles.

Trouble is important in life, we should be brave to face, with positive attitude, trouble will be gone.