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Unit One

1.name list名单2.in English 用英语3.middle school中学4. last name=family name 姓氏


5. first name = given name 名字6. telephone number 电话号码=phone number

7. ID card 身份证8. Good morning (to sb.) 早上好9. Good afternoon 下午好

10. Good night /evening . 晚上好11. my friend 我的朋友

12. That’s all right. 好;行;不用谢;没关系

That’s right . 对的、正确的

All right . 好的,行,好吧

13. Not at all.=It’s a/my pleasure. =That’s OK.

=You’re welcome. =That’s all right. 不用谢

Dear Lily,

My full name is Kate Brown. Kate is my first name and Brown is my last name. I am a student at No. 7Middle School in Yulin. I am in Class 10,Grade 7, and I am 12 years old now. My favorite color is blue. My telephone number is 184-3546. I have a good friend at school Her name is Mary. Her phone number is 254-3975 What"s your telephone number?

Can you write and tell me about you?



Unit Two

1. have a good day 祝你们有愉快的一天2. in the first photo 在第一张照片中

3. my cousin我的表(兄弟、姐妹)4. in the next photo 在下一张照片中

5. these two girls 这两个女孩6. the name of my dog 我的狗的名字

7. my family photo 我的家庭照片 = a photo of my family

8. family tree 家谱9. a photo(picture) of …的一张照片

Dear Rose,

Here is a photo of my family.① There are ten people in my family.② These are my grandparents. And this is my father and that is my mother.③ My parents are teachers.

The girl is my sister. Her name is Anna. This boy is my brother, Tom. Those are my uncle and aunt. And that boy is my cousin, Mike.I love my family.④

Best wishes!⑤



Unit Three

1. pencil box 铅笔盒2. excuse me 打扰,劳驾3. Thank you for your help. 谢谢你的帮助

4.Eric’s schoolbag 艾里克的书包5.in the school library 在学校图书馆

6. ask sb for sth 向某人要某物7.computer game(s) 电脑游戏

8. a set of 一副;一套 a set of keys 一串钥匙

9. call sb at+电话号码 打电话给某人10. school ID card 校卡/学生证


I lost a black notebook on the playground on Jan. 1st.① If you found it, please call me at 15811583511.②

Thank you.③


Unit Four

1. under the table 在桌子底下2. in China在中国3. come on 快点

4. tape player录音机5. in his schoolbag 在他书包里

6. under the bed 在床下7. on the chair 在椅子上

8. under the radio 在收音机下面9.in the bookcase 在书柜里

10. on the teacher’s desk 在讲台上11. on your head 在你头上

12. model plane 飞机模型

Look! This is my room.① It"s really tidy,② There is④ a desk in my room. On the desk there are④ some books and a computer. And③ my bed is beside the desk.I like my bed very much because it"s comfortable②(舒适的).Next to the bed there is a sofa.You can see a dog on the sofa. And its name is Wang wang. My room is not very big,② but③ it"s very nice.② What do you think?

Unit Five

1. tennis ball 网球2. a ping-pong bat 乒乓拍3. at school在学校

4. watch TV 看电视5. have /play/do sports 做运动6. a good idea 一个好主意

7. watch a game(s) 看比赛/游戏

8.That sounds interesting(fun)/good/difficult/ boring/ relaxing. 那听起来很有趣/好/困难/无聊/轻松。

9. let sb. do sth. 让某人干某事

10. play ping-pong/ tennis/ volleyball/ soccer/basketball… 打乒乓/网球/排球/足球/篮球

11. play computer games 打电子游戏12. watch sth. on TV 在电视上看

13. be late 晚了,迟到了14. get sth 去拿某物

15. be easy for sb 对某人来说很简单16. after class 下课后

17. have fun doing 做某事很愉快 18.in the same school 在同一所学校

19.play---with sb 和某人玩----

Amy has a great sports collection①.

She has six basketballs,nine volleyballs,ten tennis balls,twelve soccer balls and eight baseballs.

She has eight ping-pong bats,ten tennis rackets and four baseball bats. She has twenty pairs of sports shoes and five sports T-shirts②.

Amy likes sports,and she often plays sports③.

Unit Six

1.think about 思考,考虑2. vegetable salad 蔬菜色拉3. sports star 运动明星

4. have breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper 吃早/中/晚餐5. healthy food 健康食物

6. eat well 吃得好 7. have sth. for breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper早餐/中餐/晚餐吃某物

8. ask sb about sth 向某人询问某事9. eating habits 饮食习惯10. one last question 最后一个问题

11. want to be fat 想要发胖12.next week下周 13.after dinner晚餐后

I have a healthy lifestyle(生活方式).My eating habits are good.① I like milk and eggs for breakfast. My mother likes bread for breakfast.② For lunch,③ I like chicken, salad and rice. My mother likes noodles and dumplings. For dinner,l like salad and soup. My mother likes rice and some meat.

I think I"m healthy.④ What about you?⑤

Unit Seven

1. how much + (U) 多少/多少钱2. how many + (C)复数 多少

3. a pair of white socks 一双白袜子4. three dollars for two pairs 三美元两双

5. want sth. /to do sth.想要某事/想要做某事6. what color 什么颜色

7. great/big sale 大甩卖8. on sale 促销,大减价

9. at the price of 以…的价格10.. at a very good price 一个好价钱/价格合理

11. What’s the price of sth ?=How much…多少钱12. have sth. for only +价钱 有某物只卖…

13. in all colors 各色14. clothes store 服装店

15. buy sth. for +价钱 多少钱买某物16. sell sth. for +价钱 多少钱卖某物

17. buy sth for sb 给某人买某物18.sell sth to sb 把某物卖给某人

Big Sale! Liangli Clothes Store

Come to Liangli Clothes Store. Do you want skirts?① We have nice skirts for girls. They are only $ 18 for each. Do you like shirts?② We have white, blue,green,black and red shirts for $ 20 each. These white, yellow and blue T-shirts are only $25. For boys,the trousers in blue, black and white are only $ 30. Do you like the shoes at a good price?③They"re only $15. For girls, these socks are very nice at a great price.④ They are just $ 10.

Come to the store and see for yourself!

Unit Eight

1. how old 几岁2. school trip 郊游3. in August 在八月

4. happy birthday 生日快乐5. come to my birthday party 来参加我的生日晚会

6. at three 在三点钟7. this afternoon 今天下午

8. see you 再见9. some interesting and fun things 一些趣事

10. ball games 球赛11. have an art festival 举办艺术节

12. have an English party 开英语晚会13.School Day 学校活动日

14. have a book sale 举办售书活动15. a really busy term 一个真正忙碌的学期

16. have a good time 玩得高兴17.this term这学期 18.next month 下个月

19.Women’s Day妇女节20.Children’s Day 儿童节21.Teachers’ Day教师节

22.New Year’s Day新年23. National Day国庆节

My name is Jin Lin. I am at the age of thirteen. And I am a student at No.2 Middle School. My birthday is on October 3rd. In my family, there are four people. They are my father, my mother, my sister and me. My father and my mother are both doctors. My father"s birthday is on April 13th, and my mother"s birthday is on July 10th. When is my sister"s birthday? It"s on August 14th. And she is nine years old this year.

When is your birthday?

Unit Nine

1. my favorite subject 我最喜欢的科目 2. have P.E 上体育课3. play games 做游戏

4. your favorite day 你最喜欢的日子5. the next day 第二天6 for sure 确定

7. science teacher 科学老师8. on Monday 在星期一

9.be busy with/doing sth 忙于某事10.after that 之后

11. from…to 从…到…12. have an art lesson for two hours上了两小时的美术课

13. on Friday afternoon 在星期五下午

Dear John,

Thanks for your last letter. I am a middle school student now. From Monday to Friday I have many subjects to learn, such as Chinese, math, English, history,geography and so on.

Among all the subjects, My favorite one is English because English is very important. My English teacher Ms. Li often makes her class very interest Sometimes she i.s very strict with me. But she is also friendly to me. So I love Ms. Li best. I will study very hard to get good grades.

Can you write to me and tell me about your favorite subject and teacher?




一、Be 动词(am, is, are)的用法

I 用am , you 用are ,is 连着他(he)她(she)它(it)。单数统统用is,复数一律都用are. 变疑问,往前提,句末问号莫丢弃,变否定,更容易,be 后not莫忘记,疑问否定任你变,句首大写莫迟疑。

二、指示代词this ,that, these, those.

These 是this 的复数形式,指时间、距离较近的或下面要提到的人或事。Those 是that的复数形式,指时间、距离较远或者前面已经提到的人或事。


a.以 o 结尾的词,有生命的加es,无生命的加s. tomato-tomatoes西红柿

b. 以s, sh, ch, x等结尾的词加es. bus-buses公共汽车watch-watches手表

c.以辅音字母加 y 结尾的,把改为 i 再加es. strawberry-strawberries草莓


man → men woman → women people → people deer → deer sheep → sheep

tooth → teeth foot → feet Chinese-Chinese child-children


①一般加’s.eg.Mike’s watch;Women’s Day



eg.Tom and Mike’s room汤姆和迈克的房间(表示汤姆和迈克共有一间房)


eg.Mary’s and Jenny’s bikes玛丽和詹妮的自行车(表示玛丽和詹妮各自的自行车)


1.1—12词各异。Three 三 five 五 ten 十 eleven 十一 twelve 十二

2.13—19后加teen. Thirteen 十三 fifteen 十五 eighteen 十八

3.20—90后加ty. Twenty 二十 thirty 三十 forty 四十 fifty 五十

4.几十几时,几十加上几。 Twenty-one 二十一 seventy-nine 七十九


基变序,有规律。一、二、三,特殊记。词尾都是t,d,d. f把ve替,八去t,九去e。四后th记,y变ieth,几十几时,几变序。


1)主格人称代词 I you he she it we you they

2)形容词物主代词 my your his her its our your their

3)人称代词宾格: me you him her it us you them

4)名词性物主代词:mine yours his hers its ours yours theirs

5)反身代词:myself yourself himself herself itself ourselves yourselves themselves