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changes in life英语作文带翻译

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随着社会的发展,我们的生活也在不断地发生着变化,影响着我们生活的点点滴滴。下面小编为大家带来changes in life英语作文带翻译,欢迎大家学习!

changes in life英语作文1:

The wide application of modern network technology brought us many convenient, rapid progress in the development of science and technology, has brought great changes to people"s life.


Mobile phone is like a mini elf, can get to the Internet, QQ chat, play games, etc., can also play a big role on the job! Nowadays cell phones have become an indispensable part of our life.

In addition to mobile phones, and more complete functions of computer network technology. As long as one click it gently, you can never leave home to buy the right goods; Can learn about the latest news at home and abroad; Can watch all kinds of movies. If we encounter problems in our study, work can also search in the computer, the computer can provide us with a variety of different reference answer, help us to solve the problem easily. The wide application of electronic schoolbag to give the students brought a lot of convenience. The students don"t have to carry a heavy bag, as long as through a computer can learn more knowledge. Because of the computer, the outside world no longer wonderful, small screen bring us true and profound which fills the world.

To speak of science and technology. The development of science and technology also have. You must know, recently we ningbo launched high iron, originally need 2 hours from ningbo to hangzhou, today opened only 40 minutes after high-speed, greatly improve the working efficiency and efficiency of life. Urban subway construction is also busy, the opening of the metro can greatly ease the pressure of road traffic and road traffic jams, and environmental protection very much.

Modern technology change faster and faster, electronic upgrading of products is more and more frequent, which requires our generation more study hard, enterprising, keep up with the pace of The Times development with scientific knowledge to create more magic.






changes in life英语作文2:

We live in a world of information. Learning in the classroom, listening to the radio, watching television, reading books and newspapers, surfing the Internet, with relatives and friends communication, are in the access to information. More and more information in modern society, the speed of passing information is becoming more and more quickly, people get information way is becoming more and more widely. Our information tools are: radio, telephone, television, computer. Mom and dad are now have their own a mobile phone, with friends and family contact is convenient. Modern technology has brought many changes to our lives.

We originally only through writing and distant friends, it is not convenient. Now we have installed computers with broadband network, convenient, on the edge of everything. Once the teacher left a job, let"s get some story about celebrities. If it is the original, but also the newspapers, books, a check is an hour or two. And now just open a computer, network, input the information you want to check, and a few seconds information will appear on the screen. Greatly improve the efficiency of the I affectation.

Now, I installed on the computer, contact as far away as Japan"s brother also convenient. Just sitting in front of a computer, the click of a mouse, the broadband network, enter the QQ video chat, my brother and I could talk face to face. Remember once, my brother send me video of the Japanese cherry blossoms in full bloom, I see cherry blossoms, as if to smell it sends out a light faint scent, as if I am in the sea of the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Although I haven"t been to Japan, but in my brother and I talk and send pictures, made me understand a lot of things about Japan, which is the pleasure of network brings me.

In the future information society is a society, we are sitting at home can also get the latest information from all over the world. That really is "a scholar need not leave his home, do know what"s going on in the world"





changes in life英语作文3:

There have been many changes in my life. With the development of the economy, my life is better off. For clothing, I have spare money to buy all sorts of pretty clothes. But in the past, there were fewer clothes in my wardrobe. For food, I usually had traditional Chinese food for every meal, rice, noodles or a steamed bun. Nowadays, I can afford any delicious food, including western food. For housing, I moved from a cramped and gloomy room to a big and bright flat. For getting around, I rode an old bike on my way to work a year ago. At present, I drive my private car to travel. I believe my life will become better in the near future.

随着经济的发展,我们的生活已经有非常大的变化。我的生活可能会更好点。对于服装,我有比较富余的钱去买各种漂亮的衣服。但在过去, 在衣橱里只有很少的一些衣服。从日常吃食来看,通常我们中国家庭只吃一些如:米饭、面条还有馒头之类的传统食品。现在我能买得起任何美味的食物,现在,我可以做好多美味的食物,包括西餐。从住房来看,我从一个狭小、灰暗的小屋子,搬到了宽敞而明亮的楼房。一年前,我骑着一辆旧自行车上班。而如今,我却开着我的私人汽车去旅行。我相信, 在不久的将来,我的未来会变得更好。

changes in life英语作文4:

Over the past twenty years or so, great changes have taken place in our life. Take my family for example. My parents contacted others mainly by sending them letters in the past. But now we Call long distance at home. And once my parents listened to the radio for news and other information. But now we get the news by watching TV. Another big change is in my living conditions. When they got married about twenty years ago, my parents lived in a small room crowded with fiirniture. But now we have moved into a big new three-room apartment. In short, our life has become comfortable and convenient.

在过去的20年中,我们的生活发生了巨大的变化。 以我家为例。从前,我父母与其他人联系主要是通过书信,但现在我们可以在家打长途了。 以前我的父母都是听收音机来了解新闻和其他信息,但现在我们能观看电视新闻和其他节目了。另一个大的变化是居住条件方面。20年前我的父母结婚时,只居住在一间拥挤的小屋子里,但现在我们已经搬入一套三室一厅的套房里面。简言之,我们的生活变得舒适而方便。 

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