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1:It is unwise to judge a person by appearance.不要以貌取人

As a prevailing saying goes,“Don’t judge a person by appearance”. Undoubtedly, it reflects a current phenomenon that fewer individuals seem to attach due importance to the significance of intrinsic factors. However, from my own perspective, we should put more emphasis on the quality rather than appearance.

Taking a look around, we can find examples too numerous to list. The best illustration might be some currently over-packaged products in the markets. To put it more exactly, we may easily notice that the delicate packaged products may turn out to be of inferior quality. Exactly, it is the intrinsic factors that enable us to make reasonable choices.

In short, laying a solid foundation is crucial if we want to make achievements in our studies or work, or indeed in any other aspects of our lives. And what we should bear in mind is that essence matters most instead of “the first sight”.


题目:It is unwise to put all eggs in one basket.

As a common saying goes, “It is unwise to put all eggs in one basket. ”Placing all eggs in one basket means focus all our attention on one thing and fix all our hope on one thing. However, It is wrong and reasonless.

Why placing all eggs in one basket is wrong ? Placing all eggs in one basket tends to reduce the odds of success. By focusing on one thing , people will surely improve their efficiency and proficiency. However, they will also overlook other resources and possibilities,thus,the likelihood of success will be lower. Take Jack, one of my best friends, as a case in point: he started to hunt for jobs in his senior year. Compared with other students who chose different kinds of jobs, he aimed at state-owned firms alone. Unfortunately, getting a decent job in state-owned firms is really hard for him. At last, when others got a job, he was still on the way to his interviews. suppose he choose jobs in a wider range and “place all eggs in different baskets”, he could have gotten a job much easier. Putting all eggs in one basket in unwise, a truth which is applicable to many situations.

As a college student,we should endeavor to master more skills, accumulate different experience and make friends with diverse people.






Short Conversation

1.A They might be stolen goods.

2.C They are news reporters.

3.D The man went to change the time of his computer class.

4.B The fifth contestant won the biggest prize

5.B Looking for a railway timetable.

6.D He had his haircut yesterday.

7.A He cannot appreciate the Picasso exhibition

8.D He has been long involved in student government.

Long Conversation One

9. B Something went wrong with her car.

10. D Cost

11. A Third-party insurance.

Long Conversation Two

12. C Where to locate their plant.

13. D Their basic facilities are good.

14. A Try to avoid making a hasty decision.

15. C Road and rail links for small towns.

Passage One

16. A One fifth of them were on bad terms with their sisters and brothers.

17. C Advance in age.

18. B They tend to forget past unhappy memories and focus on their present needs.

Passage Two

19. C They are the only insect that migrates along fixed routes.

20. D In a Mexican mountain forest.

21. C Each generation in a cycle lays eggs at a different place.

22. C Migration patterns of monarch butterflies.

Passage Three

23. A. Time has becomes more limited.

24. B Americans today have more free time than earlier generations.

25. D Our behavior is changed.


26. taking into consideration

27. literary

28. imposed

29. anticipate

30. violations

31. financial

32. avenue

33. amended

34. in the wake of

35. interpret


36.A advantages

37.K insured

38. C bother

39. L major

40. H features

41. F discount

42. I fluctuate

43. B assess

44. M naturally

45. N potential

长篇阅读 Lessons From a Feminist Paradise

J 46. Sweden has done more than other nations to close the gender gap, but it continues to exist.

I 47. Sweden is one of the most competitive economies in the world and its people enjoy the greatest life satisfaction.

M 48. More American women hold elite job positions in business than Swedish women.

D 49. Swedish family-friendly policies tend to exert a negative influence on women’s career.

A 50. The quota system in Sweden ensures women’s better representation in government.

H 51. Though the Swedish model appears workable for most American parents, it may not be accepted by them in its entirely.

M 52. Swedish women are allowed the freedom and opportunity to choose their own way of life.

E 53. Swedish employers are hesitant about hiring women for full-time positions because of the family-friendly policies.

A 54. Gender-awareness education is becoming more and more popular in state-subsidized preschools in Sweden.

C 55. Some lawmakers in Sweden propose the genderless pronouns be used in the Swedish language.


C 56 it will ruin the written language

B 57 it expresses ideas more accurately

A 58 it brings texters closer to each other

D 59 the gradual change of word meaning

B 60 it is a new form of verbal communication

B 61 she worked her way to success in the entertainment industry

B 62 she was known as a supporter of fake science

A 63 he was strongly against it

C 64 they attach too much importance to public ralations

D 65 pursuit of knowledge and truth





Chinese buzzwords, some of which are more and more prevalent among Western media, normally reflect the change of society as well as culture. For example, tuhao and dama are actually existing words which have achieved new meanings.

Tuhao was originally referred as landowners who bully tenants and servants, but now it is used to describe those people who spend money without thinking or who are keen on flaunting wealth. That is to say, tuhao has money, but doesn’t have taste. Dama was the title of middle-aged woman, but now it is used to call those people who buy a lot of gold when the price decreased not long time ago in particular.

There is a possibility that tuhao and dama could be adopted in new edition Oxford. Up to now, there are already about 120 Chinese words added into Oxford, becoming a part of English language.